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March 2009




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Mar. 8th, 2009


Art! Dump it all here! (G)

S'been a while since I last posted anything here, mainly because I've started working full time and just couldn't be bothered to fight with LJ when posting. But right now, I have enough time and patience to do this and so, every piece of art from the last three months have now been dumped here. LOL.
An even so, not much has happened anyway... other than that I've finished my BA degree and can begin on the last part (unless I'm going for a doctorage) of my studies by September, yay!
My niece is now 9 months old, she can crawl (fast little troll too) sit up without help and stand up, all of which she managed to discover on the same day. And she has also discovered her new love for music aka. the piano in my sisters apartment, which she can reach when she stands up in her playpen. She'll be walking soon with this speed. Watch out for baby trolls around the legs!

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Dec. 16th, 2008


4.7 on the Ricther scale... & Art! (G)

For once I almost sleep through the night, since I started working on my exam paper, without waking up a million times and then what happens? A NATURAL DISASTER happens!

Well...Not really that much of a disaster though. Since all that happened were a few cracks in the pavement and that it felt like my bed was drifting out on the open sea.

First I thought I was still dreaming, 'cause Earthquakes? Not that common in itty bitty Denmark.

But the news were pretty riled up about it, something about it being the largest recorded earthquake in Denmark since they began recording them.

Eh *shrugs* everything's still standing, so it wasn't that bad... so...yeah...

I'll just post some art then!

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Nov. 21st, 2008

Naruto: OMG

First Snow...

FIRST SNOW, Wheeeeeee!
Right up until I had to go out in it to get to work... and later home again.

Hot cocoa = good thing, so is a nice warm blanket.

Nov. 8th, 2008

Snitch Young Harry

Art: Harry x2, 4 RK Chibies & 1 Snake bastard (G)

Waaah, another long time since I last posted anything, anything at all. ..... Well, between school, work, and the near regular shoot outs in the nearby area. Things are packed, with mostly only nights open to draw... and then this afternoon. lol.

So to make up for that, I bring lots of artsies.

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Sep. 21st, 2008


Art! Charlie and a Baby dragon (R, NWS)... and congrats sister mine!

Heeee, Today I went to my sister's to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday... only he's not her boyfriend any more. Cause once he had finished unpacking his gifts, he asked for one more, just one, then went down on ONE KNEE and proposed to my sister. All proper like too. They've been together for five years and have a four month old daughter, so he thought the time was right. He had even been walking around with the ring for a week and a half without her knowing about it. SO CONGRATS, SISTER MINE! Now we just need a date for the wedding. *cackles*

And to celebrate, I'll post some art which has absolutely nothing to do with this. lol Except for the baby part...

Title: Baby O' Mine
Character: Charlie Weasley & baby dragon
Rating: R, NWS (Bare Chest kind of R)
Media Used: Sketch and Digital colouring
Notes: The sketch is from ages ago and have only gotten around to colouring it in the last few weeks.

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Sep. 13th, 2008

Naruto: OMG

Art! Feazle and the evil camera (PG)

Oh wow... art. Finally. OMG! My art mojo has decided to return and help me finish a commission, which was well overdue in its making.

Title: The Evil Camera
Character: Feazle (OC house elf)
Rating: PG
Media Used: Sketch and digital painting
Notes: Commission for rospberry for her fic Bleeding on the Outside, so DO NOT use without her permission.


Jul. 24th, 2008

Jou - Egypt

Egypt pictures... just a taste.

Okay... so a few pictures of the trip to Egypt. Just a couple to give the mood of what it's like. Not going to post all of them (at least not right now), there's about 200 in total, so no. Just these pictures.


Jul. 23rd, 2008


The forgotten Art dump...

Art… I was supposed to post this before I went on holiday. But, err, yeah. It’s posted now though.

And rospberry ? I’ll be working on your commission, promise! *tries to reel in the art!mojo which went on holiday as well… buuh. *pouts*

Jul. 22nd, 2008

Jou - Egypt

Home, Home, England!...err, Wrong movie, scratch that. Home, Denmark!!!

Back home from Egypt... finally. Two weeks of vacation in 36 degrees celcius were veeeery good. But it's also good to get back home, but not when your bloody flight gets delayed for five hours after having already been at the airport three hours before the original departure... and then baggage claim being delayed for forty minutes as well. So I pretty much fell into a dead heap on my bed when I finally got into my apartment at 1 am. I'll post pictures at some point, but if you want some already, then head over draco_crescendo's journal. ^_^ There'll be lots of pretty pictures. Heee.

It's freakishly cold here too XD *shivers*

Also... I've finally gotten the results of my last exams, which is good, cause I actually passed it. Barely, but I passed it. And that class was not my best subject, far from it.




Oh, umm... I should probably start posting some art as well. It's been over two months since that's happened. Err and I should draw some more, and I will! Got holidays now, without having to worry about exam results for now.

But mostly because LJ hates me when I try to post pictures.... goes all screwy and nutty. Though, you can always poke your heads over to my DA account *points at the links to the left* DA is nicer to me when I post something, so it's more up to date.

Laters, when I get art up that has been gathering dust for a while now.

May. 12th, 2008

Demon Buuuuuunny

R.I.P old laptop... and ART! Just for a change...

About a week ago my old laptop, which had just gotten a new harddisk after the old one broke down six months before, died. Completely. Irreversible. Dead.

R.I.P my trusty old laptop. You were so young. Only three years old.

Only problem was that the day it died, Friday, I was supposed to write on a paper for school. Shite. Called my mum to get the number of my uncle and my brother, who has a great deal of know-how on computers. Didn't get a hold of either of them until Sunday. In the meantime... I went home to the parents and shamelessly used their computer when I could. Blessed internet!

In the end... the laptop stayed dead and my dad decided that I was going to get a new one.

And it works! And the deal I got on it included a scanner/printer/copymachine as well.

Now... when the old one died. I got a wee bit frustrated and vented by sketching... this. The very last drawing to be scanned on my old scanner-thing.

Why Dark Lords don't like Muggles... or their InventionsCollapse )

Oh and some old art, I forgot to post.

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